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Online Review Sites as the New Normal

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Review sites enable a person or business to collect public reviews and ratings. Good and bad reviews are available and made public to give potential consumers information regarding a purchase choice. This presents challenges for business.


Here are some recommendations for online review sites.

Review sites like are now part of the landscape of conducting business. There are sites for every type of business and there are likely reviews of your business that you have never seen. This leaves your online reputation in the hands of the online communities without any input from you.

Search engines champion review sites, and online reputation management firms attempting to suppress bad reviews are swimming against the tide. Many professionals in the field now recommend engaging in review site activity versus trying to suppress them in search results.

Make sure to claim your company page on the review sites commonly used by your consumers. If your company doesn’t have a page, you can create one. Consumers or even competitors can create a page without your permission. When you claim your page, it gives you some control. Claiming your page will allow you to get notifications of new reviews and respond to them.

Build out your listing on review sites. If you complete a profile and add information to your listing, it adds validity to your business. Photos, video and descriptions increase views and interest from potential customers deciding whether to give your business a try. Perspective employees will also see the listings, so this is also a recruiting tool.

Engagement is the biggest trend in online review management. Interacting with customers helps build a community. It is important to respond to positive and negative reviews. While responding congenially to a negative review may not win over the reviewer, it gives you a chance to take the high road while impacting the next customer. Defensive answers can only hurt your business and drive away potential consumers.

Every business needs to have a strategy for managing online reviews and conduct audits of currently recommended strategies. Engagement is critical to developing a successful online reputation.