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Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Group Sets an Admirable Pace in Leadership

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OSI Group is a private company that deals with meat products. The American based organization has been expanding its operations since its launch in the early 1930’s. With a focus to supply the protein needs of Americans as well as other states, OSI Group has established strong entrepreneurial networks across the world. The main office of the firm is in Illinois with some branches in China and other parts of trading worlds. Being an international meat processor, OSI Group thrives in developing strong bonds with other international brands.

Early Career

To understand the progress that this company has made since its establishment, it is important to focus on the brains behind the growth of business. Sheldon Lavin is one of the leading figures who have played pivotal roles in the establishment of proper business infrastructure for OSI Group and its affiliates. His journey can be defined as admirable and focused on building a brand. In an interview with CEOCFO, Sheldon explains his initial interests in finance and management. He had worked in finance sector for over five years when he came across Otto & Sons, a company that needed his assistance in managing finances. Since he was good at it, he landed an executive role in financial management. In fact, Otto & Sons was honored to have such brains at work.

OSI is born

Being a committed employee at Otto $ Sons, the owner of the firm trusted Lavin with their fiancés. He was helpful in processing a loan that would later help in opening a business, OSI Group. Lavin landed an executive role because he had detailed understanding on how the business was operated. That is how he was appointed the chief executive officer of the company. With a clear understanding of how important it was to please clients, Lavin was entrusted with most of the company’s operations. Unlike his earlier plan to settle in finance and management, his dreams conformed nature. Presently, Lavin is in charge of more than one department in OSI Group. He works tirelessly to build the business by implementing successful strategies. For him, OSI Group has a future that will impress international brands.


From the moment Lavin set foot in OSI Group, he has been nothing but supportive of brand building and business expansion. His works have eventually paid up given that OSI Group is recognized internationally. In China alone, OSI Group has grown the country’s economy since its establishment in the country. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to serve globally. He is proud to be associated with a team that has built many economies across the world.

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David McDonald accomplishments in OSI Group

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David McDonald is a famous entrepreneur and a successful investor. David pursued a degree in Animal Science at Lowa State University. He worked as the project manager before serving as the CEO and the president at OSI Group. David McDonald has been working in the food industry for decades. He has excellent track record in his dealings as a leader and an investor.

OSI Group has its headquarters in America. It is a premier world food providing company that deals with food processing. It is a private entity, and it is not limited to activities that might lead to its success. The OSI Group gathers raw food staffs from different cultures and regions of the world for processing food so that they can meet the need of every customer.

The company works jointly with direct consumers, retailers, and other food services industries who require the OSI`s products for their market and complete the distribution chain. The CEO David McDonald believes that having joint partners in different places is the cornerstone in reaching the global market. An approach which will increase sales and the profit for the continuous growth of the company.

OSI Group processes and produces meals served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They specialize in delicacies such as pizza, dough products, hot dogs, pork, poultry products, sausages, beef, snacks among others. They are world leading providers of valued-added food. Having different cultures in the team of workers and sourcing their products from various region makes the customer have a strong bond with their food and services. David McDonald strategic location of company`s outlets and partnering with people in different areas has enabled the company to deliver what the customers want as per their taste, preference, and culture. For more info about us: click here.

David McDonald says providing the quality food products to customers is not only limited to production abilities but also innovation, investment, and development. McDonald firmly believes customers are the heart of innovation. In his watch, the company has purchased various food processing industries including Baho Foods which was owned by Dutch private investors. Baho Food aims at opening markets in Germany and Netherlands. They have opened various facilities in China also.

What You Need To Know about OSI Group

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Industries are being set up on a daily basis. Some industries major on manufacturing, processing, packaging and service industries. Their aim is to provide quality products services to the market. One of the pioneer food industry is OSI Group.

OSI Group is found in Chicago and was founded in 1906 as a family meat market. Its main role in is ensuring that their clients succeed by providing them with a food solution. The OSI industry provides high quality, valuable, quantifiable food processes at optimized costa. The industry has extended its plants to various places like California, Bayern and Oakland among others. OSI industries has other operations like supplying poultry, pork, fish, pizza, beef and sauce assortment. OSI industries has employed a lot of people as clerks, quality assurance managers, supervisors, cleaners among others.

OSI Group industry has also acquired other industries. In 2016 it acquired Baho Food, it became in-charge of its stake. The OSI Group also acquired Tyson food plant for seven million. It has also acquired Flagship Europe that supplies frozen poultry, mayonnaise sauces to the United Kingdom market. Flagship acquisition was seen as a positive to the industry since it now had a range base of clients and opened to the market, OSI Group was also opened up to Europe where it had not ventured. In 2011 due to and revenues profits increase it was listed in the Forbes magazine as the 136th largest private company in the world.

OSI Group has worn many award for example the Management of health and safety risks and Environmental management awards. Recently, in 2016 it was number fifty eight on the Forbes magazine as one of the world’s largest private company as its annual revenue was equal to six billion. OSI industries won a Globe of Honor award after they attained a rating of five stars in the British Safety council. It has won the award in (2013,2014, 2016).OSI also was given a tender to supply western fast foods restaurant like Pizza Hut, Subway and star bucks. This made them gain fame in the western world. In conclusion, OSI Group has set a pace in any upcoming food industry.

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OSI Group’s Largest Facility Reaches Top Safety-Quality Standard

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A meat processing plant owned by food industry giant OSI Group has reached a major milestone in the field of technical competence for biological testing.

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (AALA) certified the Oakland, Iowa, OSI plant with ISO 17025:2005 accreditation. That is the global standard for technical competence in biological testing.

The rating is difficult to achieve. According to plant quality assurance manager Dan Iverson, the process lasts at least 10 months and involves an extremely precise and exacting procedure. However, the Oakland team was able to significantly shorten the effort by bringing in an outside consultant.

Iverson said bringing in outside help brought other benefits, including “enhanced performance and professionalism” of the lab team.

Gaining AALA accreditation requires meeting standards in multiple areas. These include staff training, testing methods, measurement traceability, testing of equipment, maintenance of equipment, environment testing, food handling, quality assurance and much more.

The Oakland plant is OSI’s largest facility at 350,000 square feet. The plant was purchased by OSI in 1996. It is located about 40 miles from Omaha, Nebraska. The facility processes more than 250 varieties of cooked meat products for clients all over the world. That adds up to some 150 million pounds of food items per year.

Dan Milovanovic, OSI Senior Vice President of North American operations, said the Oakland facility’s new certification for biological testing is extremely significant because high food safety standards gives OSI major advantage over its competitors.

“If you come to OSI, you can be confident that you are going to have products produced in facilities with leading edge quality and food safety systems,” Milovanovic said. “I don’t think that you can say that about all manufacturing companies.” For more info about us: click here.

The Oakland location also undergoes as many as 12 independent quality audits a year