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Securus Technologies – Leading IT Firm In Civil, Criminal And Prison Communications Technology And Services

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Securus Technologies not just made it to the top three positions for the Stevie Awards, but in the end won the Gold trophy for its contribution to the customer service industry. Beating more than 1000 entries in the category, Securus Technologies took home the Gold as the champion in the Customer Service category. Before winning the Gold, they were named the top finalists and stood a chance to win at least one of the medals. In the end, they emerged the winner and rose to the top for their services in the telecommunication sector.


Securus Technologies is known for their technology advanced and innovative products that have helped the public safety and law enforcement agencies for years. Becoming the finalist at the Gold Stevie Awards is a matter of pride for any company, and management at Securus Technologies feel the same. The company has worked relentlessly to ensure that the best of technological innovation is developed and created to help the public safety authorities use advanced technology to perform better.


Securus Technologies is an IT firm that has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The company is nominated for the category of the best customer training team of the year, which reflects the commitment of Securus in delivering high-quality services to its clients. Over 2,300 nominations were filed this year, and being nominated from that is a huge accomplishment. It has only helped the company to reaffirm their commitment towards customer service and boosted their morale to develop better and more advanced prisoner communication products.


I have personally felt how the products and services of the Securus Technologies helped in the prison environment, and make it easier for the law enforcement agencies and workers to perform their duties with accuracy and effortlessly. Winning Gold Stevie award is going to help Securus Technologies add to their credibility and help expand their market, which is focused right now in North America.