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Gregory Aziz – More Than Trains

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Perhaps You’ve Hard-cooked, Friend – Let National Steel Car CEO Show You How It’s Done

Yes, it’s true that hard-working CEO, James Aziz – or Greg James Aziz – is at the top of the railroad industry. He is known for his commitment, his lasting success and his ability to lead any time. This does not, however, imply that he does not like to have a little fun on the side and “let loose” with a few weekend hobbies, such as cooking. In fact, let him share a few of his tips when it comes to cooking those eggs “just right”:

Perhaps you’ve hard-cooked any egg only to find a green ring around its yolk after you crack it open. Here is what happened as well as what you can do to fix this, according to Mary Torell, a Public Information Officer for Nebraska’s Department of Agriculture, Poultry and Eggs:

Any greenish-gray ring can appear around hard-cooked egg yolk. It is unsightly, yet harmless. The ring’s caused by chemical reactions involving sulfur through the egg’s whites and iron through the egg’s yolk; these naturally react to create ferrous sulfide at the very surface of the egg’s yolk. The reaction’s usually caused by overcooking, but it also caused by high amounts of iron within the cooking water.

Simply eliminate that ring by avoiding overcooking and also by cooling your eggs quickly after cooking them. Run cold water over these just-cooked eggs, or simply place them in icy water until they fully cool. Then, refrigerate your eggs inside of their shells until they’re ready for use. Hard-cooked eggs inside their shells can even be refrigerated up to a week.

A Little Secret from Gregory J Aziz – For Those Who Have Not Caught It the First Time

Here’s the secret: The green layer forms whenever the yolk reaches temperatures over 158 degrees Fahrenheit. My mother always made hard-boiled eggs by simply putting them in pans of water while bringing them to a boil and leaving them there for 10 minutes or more. Doing so will almost certainly overcook the eggs and cause this green line to rise.

A Better Way to Boil Your Eggs

The correct way for cooking those eggs is to simply put each egg in a pan with enough water to cover it. Cover the pan before bringing it to boil. Enjoy