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Sahm Adrangi Drives Value From Special Situations

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Sahm Adrangi is an experienced Wall Street specialist who focuses on trading, investment banking and fund management among others. He is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a boutique investment firm located in New York. A bold speculator, Sahm Adrangi stirs the markets to execute well-planned and quick deals that guarantee lucrative returns.

It’s no wonder that one of his latest investment sensations follows in these footsteps. Through Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi has raised close to $100 million. The familiar strategy is to bet the whole nest on a single stock. Distressed assets sometimes force hedge fund managers to raise funds to rescue them. As a hedge fund manager, Sahm Adrangi is diving into uncharted waters raising capital to bet against a public company.

At the same time, the short seller is striking all the right notes in all the right circles. Alternative investment enthusiasts have thrown their weight behind him in a short period just after he started pitching. The target is over $10 billion in assets, and it remains unclear how much of this piece the bet will yield. Sahm Adrangi and his team are still polishing the marketing briefs expounding on their insights and logic to rope in more investors.

He is keeping the target stock a secret, another excellent strategy to hedge against pre-exposure on the market. However, he disclosed he is buying the company’s stocks and actively building a powerful position. Kerrisdale Capital operates a hedge fund, which has been known to bet for and against particular stocks to incredibly good results. Some of the latest targets have been the biopharmaceutical Sage Therapeutics and communications company Globalstar among others.

Sahm Adrangi previously worked for Longacre Fund, a private partnership controlling over $1.2 billion in assets, as an analyst. The assets are held in debt and equity funds. Prior to this, he worked for Chanin Capital Partners where he specialized in bankruptcy restructuring. He represented various stakeholders of distressed and broke companies.

Additionally, Sahm has also had a stint at Deutsche Bank handling non-investment debt and refinancing. The bold speculator is a graduate of Yale University. He founded Kerrisdale Capital in 2009. Besides speculation and special event-driven investments, he is also proficient in long-term funds that offer tremendous value.