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The Huffington Post Adds U.S. Money Reserve’s Angie Koch To Their List Of Bloggers

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Blogging for the Huffington Post is a pretty good writing assignment. Bloggers don’t get paid by HuffPo, but they get an enormous amount of exposure. The online news outlet has more than 79 million readers. Arianna Huffington started her online publication as an upscale celebrity gossip venue, but it didn’t take long for the HuffPo to turn into a liberal information center that tackled every facet of human life through its competent blogging staff. Angie Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve, is now a member of that elite group of writers.

Ange Koch is very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. Her first blog post with the Huffington Post talked about the women that influenced both political conventions. If there were any clear winning aspects coming out of those conventions, those aspects would certain be women power, and the present and future role of women in society.

Koch also speaks and writes about the changes that are taking place in the precious metal market. People want to know why gold is increasing in value at such a rapid rate. Koch believes the gold rally is the product of the stock market fiasco in China in 2015. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 47 percent since its peak in July 2015. Investors are concerned about China’s economic turmoil, and they are investing in gold. Chinese investors moved away from the stock market and invested in gold, and investors around the world are doing the same thing.

U.S. Money Reserve has experienced a jump in their rare gold and silver coin business because of the economic issues in China. U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl thinks more investors will add gold coins to their IRA accounts because they appreciate faster than ever. Koch thinks the company’s numismatic and coin research specialists are helping small and large investment professionals add another strategic asset to their portfolios when they invest in rare gold, silver and platinum coins.

Koch will write about the changes that are taking place in her industry as well as in segments of the business world when she blogs for the Huffington Post. According to an article published by, Angie Koch is a welcomed addition to the stable of bloggers at HuffPo. Phil Diehl thinks that Koch will help spread the word that investing in coins is one of the ways to protect acquired money from the rough economic times ahead.