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Aging naturally on your terms through Genucel

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Since time ancient, people have been looking for the fountain of youth to no avail. The secret of forever staying young has never been found, nor is there a remedy for aging. The ravages of time have to catch up with every human being, even though it happens gradually as time goes by. That is the reality of the matter, and there is nothing we can do to change it, or can we?

Effective and safe technology to rescue

Aging is an inescapable fact of life, but there is one company that is using nature-based technology to help many people age gracefully. Well, the idea is to help live with aging at your terms because no one can fight it permanently. Chamonix Company has manufactured Genucel, which is a series of plant stem cell therapies that are being used as anti-aging solutions. The founder of Chamonix, George Faltous started the creating of anti-aging solutions back in 1999, and he used nature as an inspiration as opposed to others who were more oriented towards chemical-based solutions.

The reasons for Faltous’s nature inspiration are because:

  • Nature predates the existence of labs and test tubes

Ove time, Mayans, Egyptians, Incas civilizations all depended on nature to provide antiaging remedies through herbs and plants that stood the test of time. This record of accomplishment is the one that inspired Faltous to seek the help of nature to develop anti-aging solutions.

  • Lab developed serums and creams can be harsh and have serious side-effects

A single chemical compound may not work well with another one used in the formulation. This can result in burns, puffiness, dark patches and so on. Sometimes even the toxicity levels cannot be detected and may take time before it happens.

As such, Faltous leverages nature to avoid all these side effects. With Genucel solutions, you have ingredients like calendula flower extract, vitamin A, E, Ester C that prevents the serious impact of lab-based chemicals. Other ingredients include Grape Seed Oil.

Unlocking the secret

Genucel anti-aging products are a culmination of years of meticulous experimentation and through consistency in learning what our ancestors did; Chamonix has unlocked a secret to staying naturally younger for a longer time. For instance, the eye Therapy formula whose ingredients include Eyeseryl. This reduces the puffiness around the eyes by nearly 70%.

Even though ancient civilizations did not discover the fountain of youth, Chamonix has Genucel technology, which as it were, is the ultimate anti-aging answer we have been searching for.