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Thor Halvorssen Receiving Death Threats From Kim Jong Un

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Thor Halvorssen is willing to suffer for his beliefs. He has been beaten black and blue for his outspoken advocacy of a Chinese political prisoner known as Liu Xiaobo.

He has been threatened by unilateral dictators around the world including Kim Jong Un. In fact, the supreme leader of North Korea even threatened the man’s life when Thor Halvorssen was actively working to undermine the dictator.

The threats came in 2013 when Thor Halvorssen took his Human Rights Foundation to the border towns of South Korea. The human rights activist was releasing balloons in hopes that they would carry over the border into North Korea.

The balloons were filled with informational materials and DVDs. The hope was that the citizens of North Korea would find this information, see how life worked outside of their own bubble, and would revolt against its supreme leader.

2013 was a testy time for North Korea. The Sony Corporation in the United States was set to release the movie The Interview. The movie showed to idiot party boys invited to North Korea in order to give an interview of the supreme leader. These frat boys would attempt an assassination which would eventually prove successful. Kim Jong Un didn’t like the idea of the movie and ordered his country to hack Sony. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The hack of Sony was the largest corporate hack in the history of the world. It got the entire world paying attention to North Korea for just a moment and Thor Halvorssen jumped on the opportunity. The 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation tried to use the pop-culture momentum in order to enlighten the world of the human rights violations taking place inside of North Korea.

According to , and the death threats did not scare Thor Halvorssen. In fact, death threats seem to be a part of his family’s life. His own mother was shot during a political protest in New York City when Thor Halvorssen was just a young boy.

As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen enlisted the aid of Amnesty International to release his father from a Venezuelan prison. He had been held captive for 74 days as a political prisoner.