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Putting Home Cleaning in the Palm of Your Handy

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Home cleaning is one of the necessities of life. As you live your active life, you can probably think of at least 101 other things you would rather be doing, than cleaning your apartment or condominium. Now, you can get some valuable help.

“From Idea to Viability”

The service industry is full of professionals who are willing to do a great job. But what is the difference between Firm A or Firm B? High-quality service is an important factor; but the cleaning industry has a secret.

Many of the cleaning companies select professionals from the same pool of talent.

Somehow, has separated itself from the pack? Does it have better cleaning professionals? Perhaps. The proof is in the pudding. All of its professionals must pass an extensive background test.

“Market Share to Profitability”

Other cleaning firms have fallen by the wayside – Exec, Mopp and HomeJoy. Thus, Handy Inc. must be doing something very well. Handy Inc. continues to turn heads and gain important market share. The next step is profitability.

Handy Inc. seems very adept at offering the services that people need, when they want it. The Handy Inc. smart phone app allows customers to visit the website, at their leisure. Clients can fill out the form in 60 seconds. The professional cleaner can be out at the job site, the next day.

Handy is in more than two dozen of the top urban markets. The on-demand cleaning firm has satisfied each step of its development phase, reaching 1 million bookings per week in 2014. With its agile marketing, the company is ready to take the next step to profitability. On-demand home cleaning is now in the “palm of your Handy.”