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The entrepreneurial exploits of Eric Pulier

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Before Eric started ServiceMesh, Inc, he was the president and also the cloud manager for the Computer Services Corporation. He then moved on and co-founded ServiceMesh, a company for which he acts as both the CEO and chairman to. It is through his leadership that IT has been provided by the company both to their clients and externally.

Eric Pulier is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey, had an interest in computers from a really tender age. When he was in the fourth grade, he was already doing some basic level of computer programming. It was after he went to high school that he started his own computer company. However, he had a passion for language, which is why he joined Harvard where he studied English and Literature. When he was a student at the university, he served both as the editor and columnist to the Harvard Crimson.

His passion for literature and the arts did not dissuade him from pursuing his first love, computer programming. This is why he combined his classes with studies at the MIT. He graduated in 1988 with honors. He did a few jobs before he decided to move to California and set up his own company. He hoped that he could use technology to resolve the problems that are common in education, health care provision and other services. Three years later, he started the Digital evolution, an interactive agency. One of his great achievements was the StarBright community that he created where terminally ill kids can meet and share their experiences.

He was noticed as a rising star two decades ago. He was part of the 1997 Al Gore forum on health care and technology. He advised the then vice president on the matters that related to technology’s role in the healthcare industry. Eric has also taken part in the Clinton global initiative.

His training in Harvard hasn’t gone to waste either as he has written quite a number of books. This includes Understanding Enterprise SOA. The book focuses on the creation of architecture that is oriented towards excellence in service delivery. His achievements so far are an indication that he will be a force to reckon with in the coming years.

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FreedomPop Enters the Cell Phone Market

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There is a new mobile network joining the races known as FreedomPop. This company may not be competing directly with carriers such as Verizon and At&t, but this is certainly an option to consider. Users that sign up for the service can pick up a smartphone for $40. This is a huge discount from what other carriers might charge. This smartphones are not going to be fresh out of the box. They are refurbished and aren’t the newest models. That should not be too much of a disappointment as there is LTE support with all devices. The LTE is going to run Sprint’s nice netowrk.

The deals for devices also include unlimited calling, text messaging, and one GB of data. FreedomPop joined the market back in 2012 and expected to hit one million users right off the bat.

The new startup FreedomPop is currently operating under financial support from Intel Capital. The funds received will go towards expanding the smartphone lineup. This also plans for the WI-FI first model using Intel’s Sofia platform. All of the funding relates to a $10 million investment. Over the past summer.

The company is planning to operate under a new market offering free service and simple plans for users that can’t afford big expensive plans. FreedomPop is looking to make the switch from basic wholesale store to developed partnership worldwide. The company has been working with lots of carriers around the world to better the success of the business.

There has been more funding put in motion to secure $30 million in funding from various sources such as Partech Ventures and DCM Capital. This is set to help grow out the business over the next few years.

There have been various other investment opportunities by venture capitalists, but they have been declined to avoid giving away too much of the business. After all, the growth projections are predicted to be off the charts. The value is expected to increase greatly over the next year or two. After all the large growth is pointing directly towards great success. The market needs to be fully scene through in case there is a need to make an exit somewhere.

FreedomPop’s standard free offer is going to include 500 MB of data, 500 messages, and 500 minutes per month.

Skout Bans the Posting Of Semi Nude Selfies

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Technology has made things very easy for everyone. People can connect easily anywhere, without the use of computers or even using money. Mobile applications have been introduced to create more social connections among different individuals all over the world. One app that is serving this purpose is skout.

People tend to always put too much information about them in these apps, and currently, they have started to put bathroom selfies to their profiles. Fortunately, one great social network has put an end to this.

According to Skout, which many people like referring to as the flirting app, has recently banned the sharing snaps for singles who are shirtless flexing muscles in a mirror or even stripped down in tubs which are full of bubbles. An example of the photos banned were like those belonging to Rihanna, who had posted about her steamy bath time snaps the recognized Instagram a year ago.

The company is no longer interested in the cliché of people who are actually shirtless, sometimes showing and boasting off their abs. the company has strictly said that they will no longer be having such in their application.

At the moment, The app, which is believed to be used by very many people, actually more than 220 million worldwide, is no longer approving any shirtless selfies that are taken in either restrooms, in powder rooms or even water closets.

According to Skout‘s international PR manager, Jordan Barnes this rule is here to stay. But for people who are well dressed when taking the photos, then it will be fine.

This trend of posting bathroom selfies is believed to be embraced by many celebrities currently, and many people have copied it without even thinking about it. Just recently, the famous celeb Vicky minaj posted several shower photos. She is not alone in this. Other celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and singer Mariah Carey are also believed to be perpetrators.

Many decent people post this selfies too. It’s not the celebs who are involved alone. There have been several mirror photos leaked to the internet of photos leaked.

For someone to start communicating with you, they will probably not want to see your semi naked photos. According to Barnes, this TMI trend has been increased by the digital and mobile revolution, and nobody is willing to be left behind.

Skout, is a social app that was created to help young adults to connect, and it uses GPS to be able to do this. Just the other day, the app banned minors from using the app. According to the management of the company, the internet is not a safe place for minors, and they should never be allowed to access the app unless they are of the right age. The app has also introduced a travel feature to its users so that they can connect and meet new people when on the road.