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The ClassDojo Application Enhancing Learning By Empowering Students, Teachers and Parents

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Education is a sector that has seen changes that are targeted at elevating the status of the education system. However, not many of these reviews have led to the complete revival of the system and now third party forces are getting into the industry to streamline things further. One example of companies that have ventured into the education sector to streamline services is ClassDojo, a company that has been offering students, teachers and parents a platform that helps to enhance the learning experience.


ClassDojo is simply creating a learning community that will help students pursue their classes better than before. Through the application, parents are able to receive real-time information about their students and the platform is built to offer support to videos streaming. Therefore, teachers can share many things about the students with parents and with this in mind, it makes it pointless to regularly schedule meetings with parents at the school compound.


Knowing that parents are able to contribute to the learning process, students also benefit from the ability to share their issues with both parties. Increased support means students can have their problems resolved more easily and at the end of the day they are left with only learning to pursue.


According to the founders of the ClassDojo application, their focus at the moment is not making profits, but getting as many people to appreciate the support that the application is offering. The App are providing a system that opens up the learning environment and no features have been monetized. They also explained that they might consider introducing new features that will allow them to monetize the application. At the moment, 2 in 3 schools in the U.S. use this application and the numbers have been rising gradually.


More about ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an application that is looking to create a positive learning culture by encouraging students to embrace skills and values that help them to grow though their learning process. This is a platform where students can share their grievances for teachers and parents to offer solutions and the access to the platform has been designed to offer real-time interactions that make it easy for students to get the needed support.  Source


Sharing moments with parents also enhances the learning experience through the ClassDojo community. Parents are engaged through photos and videos that showcase the wonderful classroom moments their students enjoy while learning and teachers can also discuss with the parents about the welfare of their children.

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