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Who Does George Soros Support?

Published / by FitGuru

It’s no surprise that the name George Soros is popping up in relationship to the donations given during the 2016 presidential election. He is well known for his financial prowess, and for his 1992 bid against the British pound where he made almost $1 billion. It’s no secret that he has a knack for knowing what is going on in the financial and political worlds.

This year reported, he’s keeping an eye on the donation rotation for the presidential race. Inn the early part of 2015, he donated $2 million to two different political action committees – or PACs – that support Hillary Clinton. One remains nameless, but the other is named Priorities USA Action. In the latter half of 2015, he donated an additional $6 million to Priorities USA Action. Overall, he has donated $8 million to support Hillary Clinton.

Soros is one of the biggest donors to the democratic campaigns. In past years, he has donated much more than the $8 million he’s donated so far this election season. When people were attempting to oust President George W. Bush in 2004, Soros donated well over $20 million to help in the cause.

When that campaign failed, he dialed his spending way back. Instead of giving large eight digit contributions, he’s given much smaller contributions. In 2008, he gave $1 million to support democratic candidate Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. That year, he wanted to support Hillary Clinton for one particular reason over Obama: he liked that Clinton was open to talking about policy with him, whereas Obama was not up for that.

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Between then and now, he’s given very little to support anyone in the elections. Now that he has donated $8 million, he should be watched carefully. Whom he supports is as important as how much he gives.