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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Knows a Lot

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum serves as the Chairman of Orthopedics of Bronxcare Health System in New York City. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for DTC Healthcom and Advisory Chief Program Officer of Swiftpath Program. As internationally respected physicians, he has had much experience in operations leadership, process re-engineering, information technology, innovative design, lecturing, and publishing countless papers. Prior to his present positions, he was Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Kaiser Permanente System an was a Community Health Editor for WebMD.


He first entered the medical field by earning a B.S from Brown University in 1979, followed by a graduate degree from Albert Einstien College of Medicine where he did his residency. He spent time in further reconstructive surgery training at Thomas Jefferson University. He says he begins his work each day with a meeting with the administrators of his department. Throughout each week he also makes sure to meet with all of the surgeons and doctors under him. He says that the rest of his day look different based on the day.


He spends some days just treating patients while other days are spent entirely working on different projects. Kirschenbaum freely admits that he is not entirely self-reliant in his work. He is always very committed to working well with a good team. He is also clear that there are always people out there who are doing what he does, but better. When he finds such people, he always seeks to learn from them. He is most excited by the value-based healthcare trend. He is very positive about the future of the healthcare world in general.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is not in a hurry about anything. He knows everything that is done well is done slowly yet surely. He is committed to making America a better and healthier place.


Dr. Saad Saad: Conducting Medical Missions Across the World

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Dr. Saad Saad was born in a Palestinian family who is in constant migration because of their citizenship status. During his high school days, his family was living in Kuwait, and he does not know what degree he would be taking in college. He has several brothers who graduated as engineers, and they are persuading him to follow their steps and become one as well. Another set of his siblings were doctors, and one is an educator. The young Saad Saad is having difficulties in choosing which kind of career would suit him best. One hot day, he noticed that he could not stand the heat from the sun. He thought that being an engineer would require them to stay so many hours outside, and he told himself that he would not be able to do it. Instead, he would like to work in an enclosed room equipped with an air conditioning system.



He told his parents about his decision to become a doctor. He would expect that his parents would still persuade him to become an engineer, but he was surprised when they told him that they would be giving him their full support. The young Saad Saad took up a pre-med degree at a local university, and he had to transfer to Cairo to pursue his studies. It was not easy saying goodbye to his family, but he told them that he would be coming back someday. The young Saad Saad enrolled himself at the Cairo University, and he studied hard all throughout his university life. His hard work paid off, as he was awarded as the second top student in his class. Right after graduating, he went back to his family and told them that he would have to leave for the United Kingdom where he will be conducting his internship. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad went to a local English hospital in London, where he would be practicing his profession as an intern. Months after his internship, he had to go back to his family and proudly to show them that he finished off his studies. When an opportunity to go to the United States came, Dr. Saad Saad did not hesitate to volunteer. He went to Lebanon and took an examination to become a practitioner in the United States. He passed the tests and was given the green light to go to the United States. Dr. Saad Saad had undergone several programs during his stay in the United States. He enrolled himself in courses that allowed him to bear the certification for general surgery and pediatric surgery. Thinking that his countrymen should also benefit from his knowledge, he decided to go back to Jerusalem and initiate medical missions across the world.


Neurocore Providing an Improved Way to Manage Depression

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More than 6.7 percent of the households in America are going through mental conditions. Depression is the leading type of psychological problem that the individuals experience. Majority of the people facing the situation are women. Stigmatization hinders many victims from access help. If proper measures are not given to the patient on time, they are likely to have serious health impacts.

Therapists confirm that one can fall into depression without the influence of external pressure like after experiencing stressful transitions. It is essential to note the disorders associated with the mental situation at the initial stage. Ongoing sadness, postpartum depression, and low self-esteem are the main depressive signs that are easy to notice even without specialist knowledge.

Overcoming Depression

The mentioned signs vary with individual due to their different health status and the surrounding elements. Almost all victims experience feelings of emptiness, numbness, sadness, and varying sleeping patterns. At the adverse stage the individual starts to suffer from general tension, numbness, and breathe shortness. Young people going through depression become hopeless and start having suicidal thoughts.

World Health Organization reports that depression is a causal agent of disability to persons between 15 and 44 years. Both the government and volunteers should work together to provide finances to fight the mental illness. Educating caregivers and encouraging patients to seek medical and psychological help is an ideal way of fighting the problem. Medical practitioners collaborate with counselors to treat both physical and mental problems. Currently, clinics are now using the neurofeedback therapy to replace the drug treatment methods.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center

Neurocore Center uses both visual and auditory reactions for brain training. During the session, the qEEG sensors note and report the brainwaves in case of any movement. The neurofeedback sessions train the patient brain on how to operate normally through positive reinforcement and repeated steps.

Neurofeedback requires software technology and brainwave mapping to control brain frequencies and provide responses on time. They work on training the brain to function consistently within the set ranges to remove unwanted components. After the treatment, one can concentrate on concepts and manage pressure effectively.

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PodcastOne and its new Mobile Software

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Just recently, PodcastOne introduced mobile software that assists listeners in enjoying the audio programs of the network in new ways. The software adds 360-degree video recordings and also a number of different interactive social functions. Users can benefit from the ability to communicate easily with fellow listeners and hosts. PodcastOne has announced that that it will offer the application for free on App store by Apple, Google Play as well as its website. The new mobile software comes with many features that allow people to watch and hear many different shows. The listeners can also contribute to the show’s discussions regarding specific programs. Learn more:

The new application offers access to intriguing photographs and popular articles that cannot be found anywhere in the internet. Listeners can also answer survey questions as well as send personal messages to their fellow listeners. According to PodcastOne, it has managed to integrate its reward system into this new mobile software. The app allows members to accumulate points and later exchange them for many different bonus services and features. Members can also use the earnings to get discounts on products, watch other exclusive material and also view specific virtual-reality programs. PodcastOne has managed to establish a partnership with Mandt VR in order to come up with high-quality videos in 360-degree and virtual reality formats.

PodcastOne and Mandt VR have already managed to come up with more than 1,000 video recordings. This huge library allows members to experience their favorite podcasts in a good manner since they can start accessing the footage as soon as possible. Each week, Mandt VR and PodcastOne add more content to their collection. Programs featured include The Adam Carolla Show, Koy Pond, Adam & Drew, Forbes Under 30, Laila Ali Lifestyle, Dr. Drew, Geffen Playhouse Unscripted and You’re Welcome. The new mobile software allows members to watch a live show and events in new ways. The videos can be viewed from any location provided there is internet connectivity.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne and serves as its CEO and Chairman. He also started Westwood One, a network that supplies, sports, and talk, entertainment, as well as news shows to radio stations all over the country. Pattiz was appointed and later reappointed to the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors by both President Clinton and Bush. When it comes to the radio broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz has managed to earn a reputation as a person who have accomplished a lot and steered lots of growth in the industry. Learn more:


How Marc Sparks Helps Others

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American businessman, Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has a special interest in telecommunications and has created multiple businesses pertaining to that area of interest. Some of his successful telecommunications businesses including Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom. His success in his companies is a result of hard work and dedication.


Besides his many successful businesses he also has helped to create many other businesses through his funds. As a venture capitalist, he gives funds to businesses he believes could find major success and his funding has led to great returns for him. Marc Sparks has a passion to help other people realize their potential and create and start their own businesses.


Marc Sparks has the desire to help other people and because of this has created a way to share his knowledge with other people. His work has led to great success financially for him and because of the success, he has experienced he wrote a book to help other people experience the same thing. His book “They Can’t Eat You” is intended to motivate other people who are in or who are going to enter the business world. Through his tips and words of motivation, he hopes to give people the words of advice that can lead to their own success.


With his passion for helping other realize their potential also comes the passion for helping those in other areas of needs. His success has lead to an abundance of money that he himself does not keep to himself but instead shares it with others. He is a donor to programs in Dallas that help kids get their high school diploma. He does more than just donate money he also donates time. He works with Habitat For Humanity, The Samaritan Inn which is a local homeless shelter. His philanthropic endeavors are a part of his life and through his success, he is able to volunteer not just his money but his time as well.


As a businessman and a successful one, Marc Sparks has created multiple businesses, funded other companies, and helped other people realize their potential through his words. Through his hard work and passion, he has been able to create a career that has allowed him to help others who want to recognize their own business dreams as well as people who are in need. Marc Sparks continues to help others through his hard work and philanthropic efforts.


Capital Group Elects A Star, Timothy Armour, As The Chairman

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The Capital Group Board elected Timothy Armour as the head and chairman of the world’s prominent investment management company, the Capital Group. At the time of his prestigious appointment, Armour was in charge of Capital Research Company and executive committee of Capital Group. The board announced this high-status appointment on July 28, 2015.

Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo will work under the supervision of Tim Armour. These executives will lead other committee members in creating, communicating, and implementing the business strategies of Capital Group. They will also be in charge of daily activities of the Capital Group. The wealth management powerhouse implemented a leading-edge leadership succession plan after the death of Chairman Jim Rothenberg.

Tim Armour’s sentiments

In response to his appointment, Armour thanked the Capital Group Board for trusting in his abilities. He said that the late Jim Rothenberg had been at the forefront of driving Capital Group’s success. He referred Jim as a purposeful and talented leader who made informed decisions and protected the interests of the company and clients.

Tim stated that Capital Group’s strength lies in collective abilities of all its workers who focus on the firm’s mission of providing outstanding investment solutions to its investors and customers. Capital Group has over 7,600 associates and has been operational for the past 84 years.

About Timothy Armour

Tim Armour boasts unparalleled investment experience that extends for more than three decades. He was one of the interns who joined Capital Group’s workforce through The Associates Program. Early in his investment career, Tim acted as an equity investment expert at the Capital Group. He covered service and telecommunications companies located in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world. In addition to his chairman post at Capital Group, Tim is also a senior equity portfolio manager. He received his undergrad in economics from the Middlebury College.