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Bury Bad Articles, Saving Grace Online

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When I was a student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University I remember my teachers telling me that bad press was better than no press. I never understood that logic and I really don’t know if I believe it. I hate bad press. It can do so much o destroy your brand and often bad news travels much faster than no press ever could. Not to mention if the press is bad enough it can circulate onto so many platforms and nobody wants that especially if your company or brand sells services to people who desperately need whatever it is you have to offer. I would take no press over bad press any day. It would definitely keep my blood pressure down that’s for sure. Now that I have been working for quite some time and most recently as an SEO specialist I have started to realize that bad press doesn’t have to be bad or hurt your business. It’s almost like if you don’t have bad press you’re not human kind of like those celebrities you think are perfect then suddenly you’re happy to hear that they have done something bad because you no longer have to wish you were perfect like them (okay maybe that’s just me).

As an SEO I always go to Moz when it comes to questioning the legitimacy of online tools especially those that may or may not impact the SEO of my clients. Recently they publicly endorsed BBA, Bury Bad Articles. It is a tool designed to help bury those bad articles that keep coming up about your brand. Call it a saving grace.