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Talos Energy: Searching Vast Amounts of Petroleum Under the Gulf of Mexico

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Talos Energy is a company that is highly reputable for their exploration services, and they managed to locate a lot of oil reserves around the world using their advanced technology. The company operates mainly in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are often contacted by American companies to help them with exploring the gulf to locate huge reserves of oil and gas. As the Mexican government decided to loosen up their laws on oil exploration, the company started to receive more clients that wanted to explore the Gulf of Mexico. The changes in the country’s oil regulation law would allow foreign companies to enter the market, and use their resources to explore the country’s oil reserves. These foreign companies will also be permitted by the Mexican government to continue with the drilling and the processing of the oil found deep beneath its seas. The Mexican government believes that allowing foreign companies to enter its market would be beneficial to the country’s economy.

In July 2017, Talos Energy achieved one of the most significant discoveries in the field of oil and petroleum exploration. The company set off in the Gulf of Mexico, partnering with several other gas companies. The company used the latest technology in oil and petroleum exploration, and they hit the jackpot weeks after they set off into the gulf as they discovered a vast amount of petroleum reserves enough to generate billions of oil barrels.

The Zama-1 Exploration Well, one of the properties owned by Talos Energy, assisted the team in identifying the exact location of the gas reserves. After the huge discovery, Talos Energy, along with their business partners, started to plan for the extraction phase. This huge discovery was attributed to the excellent track record of oil exploration conducted by the company in the past. The 2017 discovery will be added to the company’s portfolio, improving their reputation in the industry. More than a year after the discovery of oil with the help of the Zama-1 Exploration Well, Talos Energy continues to sign a partnership contract with businesses that wanted to enter the profitable oil and petroleum industry.http://ir.stoneenergy.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=95471&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2318130

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