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Paul Mampilly Saves Investors Money Through His Partnership With Banyan Hill Publishing

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Paul Mampilly has built a successful career by using his amazing talents to predict the direction of the stock market for many years. He was known on Wall Street for the time he spent with Kinetic Assets Management, where he earned millions of dollars. He is also known as the man who won a investment competition ran by the Templeton Foundation, where he took $50 million and turned it into over $80 million. While Paul Mampilly could have stayed on Wall Street and continued to earn money for the wealthy, he decided to move on in recent years. He admitted in his recent interviews that he got tired of making the rich richer.

Instead, he has decided to team up with Banyan Hill Publishing and now serves the common investor through his skillful writing. The partnership has enabled him to reach more people than he would have been able to by himself. Paul Mampilly was raised in a rural part of India but moved to Dubai with his family when he was younger. In Dubai, Paul was inspired during a time when the city was experiencing a massive financial growth spurt. He ended moving to the United States later on and received his bachelor of business administration degree at Montclair State University. Later on in his life, he studied at Fordham Gabelli School of Business, where he received his master of business administration degree.

Paul Mampilly is now a regular contributor to a group of newsletters, which include True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes. Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 loyal subscribers who appreciate Mampilly’s take on matters related to low risk investment. True Momentum focuses more on moderate-risk investment strategies, and Extreme Fortunes revolves around high-risk investment strategies, where the possible rewards can be much higher. Paul Mampilly has always made his readers his number one priority, which is a trademark of Banyan Hill Publishing, as well. While many investors hire their own financial advisor to work with them, this can cost a lot of money. Mampilly likes to help investors save money, and many of his subscribers feel like they have a private financial investment advisor when they read his newsletters.


Paul Mampilly on the Cryptocurrency Market

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The businessman is an authority in the finance sector. In 1991, he graduated from Fordham University where he acquired his higher education. Paul Mampilly started his working career at Bankers Trust where he worked as a portfolio manager. He acquired a lot of experience from various legal firms that he worked for. His business expertise earned him a position at Kinetics Asset Management where he was in charge of managing its hedge fund. The company’s hedge fund was valued at $6 billion in 2006. He rose to popularity when he won during an event organized by Templeton Foundation despite the harsh economic conditions in the country between 2008 and 2009.

After working for various multinational firms for years, he decided to focus his attention on helping individuals with his skills to solve different challenges in running and growing their businesses.Paul Mampilly has appeared in many TV programs to share his investment knowledge with the viewers and also through newsletters such as Profits Unlimited. The platforms have benefited thousands of people with vital financial tips. Helping his clients has always been his priority. Last year, the prices of cryptocurrency increased significantly. According to Paul Mampilly, that development was just an investment bubble. In other words, he was of the opinion that the assets were over-valued. His investment advice to investors was that they should withdraw their investments in the sector.

One of the tips that the businessman shared with investors to help them identify investment bubbles is that it occurs when there is a sudden public interest in a particular asset which eventually leads to an increase in its prices.According to him, such a development is often unsustainable especially for assets with an indefinable actual value.Paul Mampilly is of the best investment opinion that the cryptocurrency market will experience a crash just like the dot.com scenario that occurred in 1999. Ethereum and Litecoin are the world’s leading Bitcoin technologies. Ethereum was initiated by a programmer known as Vitalik Buterin five years ago. Mr. Mampilly is proud of the impact he has had on his clients in the last seven years. He attributes his career success to the high amount of work that he does every day. During one of his business interviews, he disclosed that he spends twelve to fourteen hours reading.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Philanthropic Efforts

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Eric Lefkofsky has been helping people in the Chicago area for years through various philanthropic ventures. He and his wife created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that focuses on health, education, human rights, and the arts. Here are some of the fruits of their efforts. They have a website called High School Bound that offers information on different high schools in Chicago. Success Bound helps school counselors improve their student’s attendance, grades, and high school advancement. 10,000 students have been helped through the program. The Academy for Urban School Leadership has trained more than 1000 teachers to work in schools with the lowest performances through its’ Chicago Teacher Residency program. 31 schools and 17,000 students have benefited from these efforts.

After School Matters has helped 200,000 teenagers through its’ after-school and summer programs. The kids learn science, sports, and technology through hands-on training. Teach For America Chicago has recruited 210 principals and 1000 teachers that instill educational excellence in 125,000 students. The American Brain Tumor Association is a nonprofit organization created only to fund research and provide resources to patients with brain tumors. The John Hopkin’s Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center treats the most patients with pancreatic cancer in the US.

Their researchers try to find better ways of treatment, and hope a vaccine will be available soon with support from the LFF. The Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago has the Lefkofsky Pediatric Intensive Care Unit that helps 1600 patients annually. Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Innovation Research Awards are given to investigators of cancer research at Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago. It is located in Northwestern University. Chicago Ideas invites 1200 high school students to their public events. Speakers, businesses, and member of the local community teach them about the different opportunities they have for the future.

Randal Nardone: The Investment Guru you should All know

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Randal Nardone is a teacher by profession who acquired his teaching qualifications degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He is a Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, asset management and investment group that offers investment advice to private clients while participating in private businesses of buying and selling assets. Currently, Nardone is the sitting Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group where he has the responsibilities of overseeing and managing more than $43.6 billion worth of assets. Randal is in charge of all financial and legal matters at Fortress Investment Group while at the same time taking charges of Fortress Credit Corporation and Fortress Credit Investment Fund IV.

It is also worth highlighting that he serves as the Director of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. His previous work experience was at UBS where he held the director’s position between 1997 towards the middle of the following year. Additionally, Randal Nardone has served as an executive committee member at Thacher Proffitt and Wood. Nardone has been a board member in various entities where he has been offering critical support to the development of companies. Some of the organizations where he has operated as a board member include the Brookdale Senior Living, Eurocastle Investment, and Gagfah. He is an Executive Management Member of New Residential Investment Corporations. Moreover, Nardone has been serving as the President of NCS and the vice president as well as secretary in Newcastle Investment Holding.

It is worth highlighting that Randal Nardone serves in other boards of directors in different organizations. His greatest achievement is the formulation of Fortress Investment Group which offers asset management to its clients around the United States. The organization has a high reputation in the industry due to the expatriate services it offered to its customers. Despite buying low-value assets and selling them later at large profit margins, Randal Nardone is credited due to his ability to register Fortress Investment Group at the New York Securities Exchange. Fortress Investment Group became the first asset management entity to be registered for public trading changing the dynamics of the industry. Lastly, Randal Nardone is a billionaire and has been listed in the Forbes Billionaire’s list in the year 2007. During this period, Nardone was estimated to have assets worth more than $1.8 billion. Surprisingly, Nardone achieved this mark after the organization went public with its initial public offering in the same year. Randal ranks 557th billionaire on the Forbes Billionaire’s list across the globe.